Work on the forthcoming urban fantasy novel "The Longest Midnight" has officially begun. Based off an idea I had some years ago it was plotted entirely by myself and Susan Droste. Due to conflicting schedules we've reached a good compromise to co-author and keep the tone even. I will write the 1st draft alone based off the plot & characters we created together, we will edit for content together, and Susan will do the final edit.

 It is the story of 4 people who come together at a time of transition for the world. Humans have lived in ignorance for centuries but war brews between the werewolves, witches, and vampire nations over a virus. Turning humans into zombies only the vampires can control it but ultimately only a human Binder  of souls can stop the dark magic. For centuries vampires have killed these humans, the most feared creatures known to the supernatural world, or turned them into nearly powerless vampires. Only one remains, a young woman with a mysterious past, a sarcastic best friend, an undead guardian angel, and a taxidermist bodyguard.

There will be drama, plotting, romance, humor, and of course, taxidermy and zombies. 

Meet the characters (you will recognize their names, but little else those of you who've read the "Something Wicked" stories on literotica):

Alex, a 25 year old grad student and skip tracer, she's been missing for a year with no memory, and wakes to discover she's not entirely human, and has a dark destiny.

Donna, her best friend since college, who at 24 years old is a smart-ass fellow grad student, a gatekeeper of humanity, and one chick you don't want to mess with.

Durand is a mysterious ancient vampire with a penchant for leather and a yen for chocolate, which he predates. A man with a prophecy his secrets are deadly.

Mark is a survivalist with a romantic bent. Their guide through the wilds of Wisconsin, he's an old soul in a young body, the bedrock of their motley crew.

I'll post some sneak peeks as we go along. My goal is to get through the bulk of the writing before I must turn to the first full edit of the second Marly Jackson mystery "The Violin Case."

I look forward to seeing it take shape and hope you're as excited as I am!