So The Violin Case has been just fine on Amazon, but having problems on Smashwords (unlike Wolf Tales Volume I which is just fine). Why? Because of titled chapters.

The actual guide doesn't address the special needs of titled chapters at all but a video on youtube that is 25 minutes long and overdefines basic terms (3 minutes spent on "What is a 'Table of Contents?'" If you don't know that, how the hell are you writing a book?).

After viewing it several times, reading the guide several times and having my manuscript sent back each time with an error telling me the first few items in my TOC linked to my TOC (they did not, they linked to chapters). I got desperate.

I found some free eBooks with titled chapters on Smashwords, downloaded them, and used a program I ave to convert the pdfs into word. Just to see how their TOC worked.

Now I am on my tenth and final try. If this doesn't work the Smashwords edition just won't have titled chapters. If it  does work I'll post here the easy no-frills simple way to format your TOC for Smashwords.

However right now you can read all three of my books as PDFs from Smashwords, and the first Marly Jackson is in paperback, and all three are on Amazon for Kindle. Until the results are in, happy reading!