Sorry it's been a month since posting. It's been an unusually busy month, not in a good way. Ayway, you don;t care about the actual drama and conflict of my life, you just care about the stuff I make up and pretend happens only to other people.

So in that spirit, Chapter 14 of Love On the Run is now up. I'm finishing up 15 this morning and then working on 16. So that means part 4, the conclusion, will be on literotica soon.

I also will put up a proper blog post this week. I have lots of thoughts running through my head on why Laurel K. Hamilton is what I call a Jesus Beast, why Kim Harrison should be smacked around a bit, why Ender's Game is going to suck as a movie, and why romance novels are the single most profitable novel to write.

So stay tuned, it's more the same with a little extra zest. Than nks for your patience, happy reading!