Since 2007 I've been a loyal writer on Literotica. I've won 4 awards on there and had some great experiences (except in the forums. Sadly, like any site, the forum is just filled with trolls because the poor mods are vastly outnumbered). I recommend you check out if you enjoy erotic stories (and even non-erotic ones, there's everything there.)

I had predicted story orders before but of course there was a reshuffling thanks to the interminable work on making The Violin Case work on Smashwords (the trick is, of course, do 1 thing Smashwords and everyone else tells you NOT to do: put 5-8 space lines between your table of contents and first chapter, not the 2 they demand. Figures!).

So now here is the order of anticipated work (subject to change based off sanity and other abstract concepts): Part III of Thief In The Night should be posted by Christmas 2014. After that I will try my hand at writing a Valentine's Day themed story for Literotica's VD contest.

You may noticed the popular Fey World has come down. I have plans to rework it, streamline the plot, make some changes, and I hope to have it published in 2016 or 17. Coming down soon are The Dryad, The Forever Ghosts, Durand's Story, Swimming the Dusty River, and the one that will break the most hearts, Darkness Calling. That also has a major overhaul of the non-romantic plot planned and I hope it will be released in 2017 or 2018.

The Dryad is currently being reworked to be released as a free short story so people not familiar with Literotica can see a free sample of my writing. The other stories are going to be absorbed in some fashion into the first Dark Prophecy Novel, rechristened Something Wicked. Sadly, it's a much punchier title than the original, but keep in mind this one will be sent to legacy publishers, who have every right to change the title.

So, here are the CONFIRMED 100% release dates for future publications:

January 1st 2015: Hidden Magic
September 29th 2015: A Bad Case of Blackmail (the 3rd Marly Jackson mystery)

Here are the estimates for the 100% CONFIRMED releases with no firm dates yet:

January-ish 2016: Secret Desires (an erotic romance mystery)
Late 2016/early 2017: Something wicked (Book 1 of the Dark Prophecy Series)
August-ish 2017: Case of the Purple Rose (the 4th Marly Jackson)

Here are the planned but not yet confirmed releases:

2016/17- Fey World (Erotic romance fantasy/sci-fi)
2017- The Nightlife Case (The 5th Marly Jackson)
2017/18 - The Longest Midnight (2nd Dark Prophecy)
2017/18 - Darkness Calling (erotic romance sci-fi)

As to free writing, I plan to focus mainly on contest entries at Literotica, and starting in 2016 that will be it. However, in 2015 I have some short stories I want to finish. After Thief in the Night here are my planned stories:

Malachai's Story (from the A Deadly Legacy universe)
Spotted Horse & Marie (from the Kate the Kid Universe)
Kenneth's Story (ADL)
Izzy & Jerome (KTK)
Lust From the Dark (from the TITN, Out of the Past, and Love on the Run universe)
Francine's Story (ADL)
Dan Forth's Story (KTK)
Nadine's Story (ADL)
Finnegan's Story (KTK)

So that's the plan right now to give you an idea.O f course I always welcome comments/emails if you have requests. Once the December 2014 purge of my stories happens on Literotica, only the Marly Jackson stories will come down in the future.

So enjoy the soon-to-be-removed stories while you can, and until tomorrow, happy reading!