I have 2 stories (of 3 planned ones) in the Literotica Halloween Contest. Please my friends, read them and vote!

First up is the short 4,500 word (on Literotica that's 2 pages) erotica horror Something Wicked This Way Came. It's a short story about Gina, attending a sexy reunion Halloween party only to meet a masked man who seduces her. But just who is he? More importantly...what is he?

Next we have the novella Wolf Tale: The Magic which is part of the Wolf Tales universe. It's the story of Elizabeth, a werewolf who believes she is alone in the universe. Two weeks before Halloween she has made another werewolf after 400 years of solitude, only to find him murdered. The killer once murdered her true love, and now they're both back in her life...and they're both werewolves. The pack comes, love and lust blooms, and the mystery deepens. Learn the connection between Walpurgisnacht and Samhain, and see the return of the first Alpha Nikolai (known as Jeff in The Claiming). This one is a whopping 38,000 words long, a novella, and on Literotica it takes up 11 pages. 

Please read the one that sounds interesting or both, and be sure to vote. I appreciate it! Last year I came in fourth, let's see if we can change that. Thanks!