Hello my friends, and welcome to another new year. I know my life may seem overly dramatic, and trust me, I'm tired of it, but that's the way it is. You're probably here to find out why I've been AWOL from this site and literotica.com for so log. The short answer is: shit happens.

First up, in my new home the only place for my broken-down-laptop which is now a desktop is the living room. I now share it with 2 other people and have constant distractions with a 5 year old child and a TV in the same room. Good news, I bought a new laptop and it should arrive by 1/29 so that will stop being an excuse.

Second is the stress. The people I'm living with are old friends, my best friend and her husband, his mother, and their daughter, my god daughter. Sadly, an issue boiling for a long time finally blew off the lid and it appears they are splitting up, which means she and I will likely have to move out with her daughter. So house hunting begins...again. No cure for that.

Related is my seeking a new day job as my last copywriting contract ended, and in Chicago it's tough. I'll keep on trucking and we'll see.

Lastly is my depression. Oh, you didn't know I was depressed? I'm a writer, it means the same thing. I'm not suicidal, if I was I'd be a poet. It was getting better but then I had a setback, and I am still coming to terms with the news. I always knew I had corneal problems and was told for years I would someday have to have a surgery and have implants in my eyes. I went to my last checkup only to find out I am going blind more seriously than expected, and need corneal transplants. In 1-ish year I won't be able to drive. In 2-3 years my left eye will be so bad I'll need an eyepatch. And until I get a transplant, in 4 years I'll be blind. This is a writer's worst nightmare, but the good news is some good people helped me and I am going onto the transplant waiting list next week. It will still be about 4 years they estimate. The worst part is knowing someone alive right now will have to die for me to see. That's probably the hardest thought I've ever had to face.

I'm taking it one day at a time. Get a new computer. Find a new job. Find a good place to move to. Move. Follow my doctor's orders. And when the eyepatch comes I promised to buy one for my goddaughter so we can be pirates together. And if the transplant takes, I will write the most heartfelt letter to the donor's family and do everything I can to make sure it's not a waste. And not to be insensitive, I have decided my silver lining will be first becoming a pirate and then part zombie.

That's years off, and so I've decided to just do some simple fun writing to get back into the right frame of mind. I plotted out the rest of A Deadly Legacy and I plotted out the last 2 stories in my 80's pulp series (beginning with Out Of the Past and Love On the Run the next two will tie them all together) and I wrote a new short story, A Pleasurable Escape that will be on literotica soon. I hope to get a new chapter of ADL up soon and I will blog at least twice a week to stay on task. Thanks for bearing with me, and happy reading