Some of you my know I have a day job copy writing. Many other writers mention to me how much they would love to have my day job. No.No! NO!!! Run screaming!

You fools! I said RUN!


Outside of fiction writing, in the 9-5 writing world there is commercial writing. Within that your choices are technical or copy writing. Technical writing is writing for engineers, writing stereo instructions, stuff like that. Copy writing is marketing, it's product descriptions in catalogs, the words in ads, even those deceptive things that look like articles but are really wordy ads in magazines or the web.

You see, I write the latter, those deceptive articlles. It's horrible. The irony is I'm an anti-corporatist who doesn't buy magazines or watch TV specifically to avoid advertisements. The problem with commercial writing is it is diametrically opposed to fiction. In fiction I don't have to write anything I don't believe in. I'm an atheist and some of my characters are religious, but I defy you to find one miracle in my fiction. Can't do it. The only gods doing anything are the old ones nobody believes in anymore, so I treat them as I would Johnny Appleseed or Paul Bunyan, folk tale characters.

With commercial writing you have to shut off your morals and ethics. These are the very things that spur on fiction writers, we aim to create worlds in the image of we see justice, right and wrong, good and evil. Commercial writing is evil, just pure evil. There is no mistake, Bill Hicks was right. Commercial writing is writing with an agenda, and it doesn't matter if you agree with it or not. 

The best damn psychic America ever had


Like any and all jobs, chances are your bosses won't truly know what they're doing, let alone what you're doing.For example my editor told me last week he's no longer editing for style or content. A few days ago he said he's no longer editing for grammar, punctuation, or style. Instead I am to do it for free, and he gets paid for it. He'll get paid to do nothing. If you seek out copy writing jobs for online retailers or journals/advertisers you'll likely find the same thing.

What's truly bad about it is how much it sucks out a writer's soul. Normally when I sit down at the computer, caffeine by my side, MS Word open, I get what feels like a Zen orgasm of the soul. I can write!!!! Nothing else on earth makes me feel so damn good, in fact many times in my life I've passed on promising sex to write. Hey, when the muse comes, you don't ignore her

Now I have PTSD. I sit down and that blinking cursor taunts me. I do what I can: I write fiction with a blue background and white font, non-fiction with black font on a white background, but I still feel this sensation of "Oh, gods, not again!" when I sit down.

This is my new dream job 


My suggestion for a day job for writers? The simplest job you can find. Slow retail, lawn care, a hot dog stand, anything that doesn't give you any work to take home and doesn't require a ton of overtime. Work should be left at work. This is why working from home, and commercial writing for a living, are not all they're cracked up to be.