It's almost done! Fully edited, all that is left is to figure out the final story order of Wolf Tales Volume I and do some final formatting for eReaders. Almost there!



As such, if I can get this all done this week I will write the next chapter of Secret Desires to be up on here by 12/10 or the 11th at latest, only literotica just a few days later.

Oh, finishing a book is a little sad as always, but since this is a series I know my favorite characters will reappear in at a later date. Hell, I have most of the stories of Volume II planned out. Just so you know, of the next 6 stories that will comprise Volume II only 2 of the 30,000 word length will appear on literotica. The rest you'll have to wait for.

For those of you who read the first 3 long-form Wolf Tales you'll notice some changes. Fully edited there are some new scenes, some cut scenes, and you'll have a tighter grasp of the characters and plot. Two new very short stories will tell us of the origins of Jon, the oldest werewolf (formerly known as Jeff), and how the first pack died. The final medium length short story will show you what life is like for pack wolves who are not at the top, and also introduce us fully to the danger lurking in the shadows, awaiting the packs.


Unlike most of my other werewolf fiction, these ones are of the cute & fluffy variety

Now that Wolf Tales Volume I is done (for the most part) I'm turning my attention to The Violin Case: A Marly Jackson Mystery the second Marly Jackson mystery. Edited and expanded from the version on literotica I promise you you'll hardly recognize it. iive applied my personal favorite style of mystery which is numerous twists and turns, and got to add many characters that represent the official archetypes of noir fiction. I think Dashiell Hammet would be proud.

Stay tuned for more on the next Marly Jackson as well as the next Secret Desires. the second Wolf Tales Volume I is for sale it will be posted her as well. There's lots of exciting things coming, so stay tuned!