Well, well, well...Amazon.com *shakes head* They have delayed WTVI and I don't know when the hell it will come out.

It began when they sent me an email that said "It appears content from your book is available on multiple URLs. Please tell us each URL where your content is available for free and submit proof you are the copyright holder." You gotta love when someone basically says "we found errors, but you have to tell us where they are."

Now this sent me into a panic. Three earlier versions of six of the stories did appear on Literotica as well as my site. They've been down on my site for some time and Laurel from Literotica finally took them down a few days back. Sadly, in the world of free erotic fiction, particularly popular stories from Literotica, plagirism is a real threat and concern. So, terrified my work had been stolen, I Googled, I Yahooed, and I Binged for hours.

At first all I came up with were live links still on Google to the old Literotica versions, but when you click them you get a 404 message as the stories are down. So I kept searching (if they had told me what they had found this would have been much faster, but alas, it's like working with the police, the very definition of unhelpful). After a while, I noticed something disturbing...

My book is erotic romance, but some stories are erotic horror. Erotic is the only word all three have, so I decided to publish it as erotica. Too late I re-discovered there is another book of short erotic werewolf stories called Wolf Tales by Kate Douglas. It struck a chord  of memory so I pulled all my erotica books from the box I've been meaning to unpack since I moved three years ago, and found it.

Now her stories and mine differ greatly. Her first book is about a small pack forming of two women, two men. Everyone is bisexual, group sex is common, they are all polyamorous, and there's bestiality. I can get on board with everything but the bestiality.As much as I love werewolves, the thought of werewolf sex with one partner in human form and the other canine makes me want to vomit. No offense to Ms. Douglas, but I do personally consider it obscene, which is why I stopped reading the book and never bought a sequel. Apparently enough people disagree with me, as it seems there are eight subsequent books in her series. If the bestiality has continued in them, I fear for our species.

My stories are all about monogamous heterosexual couples. I do often write erotica about bisexual mean and women, and have written plenty of group sex scenes, and i've even written about polyamory. However, as the point of my werewolf world is mating and bearing young, traditional seemed the way to go, and it's still my personal favorite form of erotica. 

So what's the issue? Right now no one will tell me if it's the dead Literotica links or the Douglas book, or both. I could kick myself, I forgot a cardinal rule of writing a book: Google character names and title before publishing. Still, two books can have very similar names...I hope. Ms. Douglas and I just went for the same pun. 

I have to wait to find out more, but a name change might have to happen. Fuck a duck, that's a pain in the ass. I hope not, I've seen two books with very similar titles in the same category on Amazon before. Seriously, it would undo all the pre-marketing I've done which is like throwing away hours of work.

I hope they can see the differences, for now let's compare them:

Kate Douglas' Wolf Tales is about a four werewolf bisexual polyamorous commune. My Wolf Tales Volume I is about four monogamous werewolf couples, their packs, and the exploits of the eldest living werewolf. There are nine protagonists in all.

Her WT is written as a single novel in five parts, but is basically five stories immediately conjoined, and you cannot read them separately. My WTVI is written as six short stories and you don't have to read them in book order if you don't want to.

Her WT takes place in modern times, in a single short span of time. My WTVI is set from prehistoric times (circa 9,000 B.C.E.) to 2006ish.

Her WT has some romance, but erotica is the primary bent. My WTVI has erotica in it, but romance is the primary bent.

Her WT has bestiality in it, my WTVI has none.

I think that's enough to show we both just happened to write about multiple werewolves, and got cute by calling our stories a variant of Wolf Tails, har-dee-har-har.

I hope it's not that. When Case of the Missing Millionaire came out I had the link on Literotica down a week prior, this time there was a delay and it was down just three days prior. However in both cases it wasn't enough time for Google to catch up and drop the dead links, so I'm left nervously chain smoking and wondering.

That's the status report, and as soon as I know anything I'll let you all know. Until then I am waiting for Literotica to approve the next Secret Desires and I've started work on my next little one-off 40,000 word short story Love On the Run which has a very loose tie-in with Out of the Past.I'm on a 1980's pulp thriller/romance kick in writing now, think the early days of Nora Roberts with more of an erotic bite. Now I'm starting to wonder with a maniacal giggle if Amazon would have a problem with me publishing a romance since two big authors are Amanda Quick and Nora Roberts, in that genre. Nora Quick is my real name, but perhaps I'll have to do what the second Michael Douglas did, he had to change his name and now you know him as Michael Keaton. 

So happy reading, and I hope to have an update soon.