I'm hard at work on my next 2 novels. The first is The Violin Case, the follow up to my current Marly Jackson Mystery Case Of The Missing Millionaire out now. The Violin Case is due out September of 2012, and is being completely reworked from the alternate novella (found on literotica.com) already online.

I've also begun work on The Longest Midnight the first novel of the Something Wicked Series, an urban fantasy story line co-authored by my best friend and poet Susan Droste.

In The Longest Midnight you'll meet Alex, Durand, Donna, and Mark; two humans, a vampire, and a Binder who are all that stand between the world and a zombie apocalypse. There will be romance, action, humor, and all the drama one expects in urban fantasy. As we progress I'll post sneak peaks.

You may recognize these characters from earlier short stories (beginning with The Forever Ghosts once available on my former website and still available on literotica). They may have the same names and callings, yet are completely different.

Writing with my best friend has taken the story to new places dark and light, and I'm very excited to see just how it turns out. A writing partnership is like a marriage so it will be tough, sure, but hopefully what we come up with will be as enjoyable to read as it is for us to finish!