Well it's time to solicit critique partners, the first litmus test for your book. You should have 3-4 lined up, and your first draft ready to go. So what do you ask them? First, review Writing 103: 1-E and think on what genre you have. Remember, no matter what genre there are a few standards:

1: Does the plot make sense?
2: If not, where is it weak? Where is it confusing?
3: How is the pacing? Does it feel too fast, too slow?

Next you tailor questions to your genre. The general ones are listed in 103: 1-E.

Lastly, we are assuming you are writing a first novel here, so you have no experience. As such, a few additional questions are good to ask:

A: Is the voice of the narrative strong?
B: Are there any awkward moments? (e.g. change in writing style, inappropriate humor, characters/scenes that seem idiosyncratic)
C: Do any characters feel two dimensional or affected?
D: Is there good description of surroundings, settings, and time?
E: Are there any repetition errors (i.e. does a blonde suddenly become a redhead)?
F: What books within the same genre does it remind you of?
G: What books in a different genre does it remind you of?
H: Does it remind you of any book, movie, or TV plot too closely?
I: Would you buy this book?
J: Would you recommend this book?
H: What themes would you change? (give page number)
I: What characters would you alter & how?
J: What setting changes would you recommend?
K: Was there anything that annoyed you? How would you change it?

All you have to do is copy and paste these questions into a document, and make sure the genre-specific are in the middle. If you straddle two or even three genres use them all. What's attached is a critique questionnaire for a romantic mystery. Feel free to DOWNLOAD IT and change it around.