So you're at the marketing stage, which means you need to read the masters of your genre and learn their tricks. Deconstructing Dickens is a good movie title, but it's what you have to do. You'll be tempted to read your favorites, but try to go for the books of your genre that are the most critically acclaimed or best-selling.

The easiest way to do this is go to, click into your genre, organized by best-selling and note the top, then go to review ranked by top down. That gives you the best-loved and best selling. You might have to Google search to find the most critically acclaimed as they do tend to be older books that may not sell so hotly these days.

Just beware the trap of best-loved. H.P. Lovecraft is touted on the Internet like everyone loves him, but trust me, 90% of people who make Cthulhu memes have never read him. Don;t emulate him! Your hero should go through a door, not wax poetic about it for three goddamn pages. Ain't nobody got time for dat! 

Now, you might be confused or lazy, and I can relate. Writing a book is hard work and you can get lost in research. So here is a quick cheat-sheet for two books of popular genres I recommend you read to get a feel for what your book needs.

Young Adult: 
Do Bananas Chew Gum? Jamie Gilson

Young Adult Paranormal: 

Historical Romance:
Slightly Wicked Mary Balogh
Castles Julie Garwood

Paranormal Romance: 
Blue Moon Lori Handeland

Modern Romance: 
Improper English Katie MacAllister
Family Man Jayne Ann Krentz

Genre Mystery: 
The Thin Man Dashiell Hammett

General Fiction Mystery: 
Killing Floor Lee Child
The Cat who Could Read Backwards Lillian Jackson Braun

A Time To Kill John Grisham 
Flight of the Intruder Stephen Coonts

It Stepehen King

Epic Sci-Fi / Space Operas: 
Dune Frank Herberts

All Other Sci-Fi:
Neuromancer William Gibson
Brave New World Aldous Huxley

A Game of Thrones George R.R. Martin
The Mists of Avalon Marion Zimmer Bradley

Urban Fantasy:
A Kiss of Shadows Laurell K. Hamilton
Styxx Sherrilyn Kenyon

You might not see your desired genre here, but I have listed only those that sell well in fiction right now. If you're writing anything else, best of luck to you but you need to do your own research and know it will be a bit harder of a sell.