The one surprising question I never get when telling people I have ADHD (going on 30 years since I was diagnosed) is how it affects me when writing. The short answer: I need to do 50+ things at once, but they need to have a theme and help me focus. So when writing I ignore the phone, limit browsing the web, and watch movies on my laptop while I write. Movies are better than music because they have both the audio & visual component, and tell a story.

Here is a list of the movies I most commonly watch while writing:

Action/Adventure/Hero Movies:

The 13th Warrior

Great For: Viking sagas, old hero epics, basic hero stories focusing on separation, transformation, and return


Great For: Modern urban fantasy that doesn't focus on vampires or werewolves specifically

Three Days Of The Condor

Great For: Espionage movies that focus more on characters and mystery than action

The Bourne Identity

Great For: Espionage stories that focus on action more than mystery

Red Sonja

Great For: Stories about female warriors

Gone in 60 Seconds

Great For: Underworld/crime stories with a criminal protagonist

The Mummy Returns

Great For: Egyptian themed stories

Kill Bill Vol 1

Great For: Cartoon-esque female warriors, martial-arts style stories, revenge quests

Comedy Movies: 


Great For: Teenage angst, dark comedies

Shaun of the Dead

Great For: not-so-dire zombie stories, comedic urban fantasy

Shakespeare In Love

Great For: Lighthearted romance stories, inspiring "cute-meet"

Love Actually

Great For: Modern romances

Drama Movies:  

Aeon Flux

Great For: Futuristic Stories

Dangerous Beauty

Great For: Historical  romance, pro-feminist romance

G.I. Jane

Great For: Feminist stories, military stories (particularly Navy SEALs)

Interview with the Vampire

Great For:  Vampires, vampires and...more vampires. Gothic homoerotic angst, as well


Great For: Mystery, mind-fuck stories, stories with a disjointed timeline in the narrative 

Leon (in the US "The Professional")

Great For: Hitman movies, awkward coming-of-age in the underworld

Reservoir Dogs

Great For: ensemble stories focusing on dialogue, crime stories

The Usual Suspects

Great For: Mysteries; using your narrator to fuck with people's minds, noir

La Femme Nikita

Great For: Creating realistic tough-guy female characters, assassin stories 

Horror/Creature-Feature/Sci-Fi Movies: 

The Addams Family

Great For: Lighthearted or sarcastic urban fantasy 

Dark City

Great For: Persecution stories, unreality tales, noir, mystery

Vampire Hunter D

Great For: Historical vampire stories with a modern bent

The Prophecy

Great For: Urban fantasy dealing with Christian-religious themes

 Cast A Deadly Spell

Great For: Noir/hard-boiled detective stories, urban fantasy, 1940's stories

 This is just a small sampling, hopefully it will get you started. Not all of these movies are great, but they do get you in a particular mood which is what the writer with ADHD should focus on.